torstai 7. maaliskuuta 2013

Voice Record Module – ISD1820

Today I tested voice recording module ISD1820, which can record up to 20 seconds sound and then play it through speaker.

Connection setup was pretty easy. Microphone to + and -, and others can be looked from the code.

This code is for PIR sensor. It should work as and alarm system, despite the fact that I don't have PIR I used this code and it worked out of the box. 

Just press record button and say something, then push playe to hear the sound. 

Original project: 

And video to demonstrate that it works.

#define SOUT 12
#define REC 8
#define PLAYE 9
#define PLAYL 10

void setup(){
pinMode(SOUT, INPUT);

void loop(){
int ret = digitalRead(SOUT);
if(ret == 1)
Serial.println("--------------> PIR");
digitalWrite(PLAYE, 1);
digitalWrite(PLAYE, 0);

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